Strategic Directions


  • Being relevant by embracing member based values and developing enduring engagement.
  • Valuing and interacting with Members and understanding their needs.
  • Providing value.
  • Expanding ongoing member recruitment and retention.
  • Facilitating quality improvement in General Practice and primary health care.

Valuable Products and Services

  • Delivering quality services and programs.
  • Adding value to members within available resources and managed risk.
  • Supporting Members clinical and business success.
  • Generating income for GP partners Australia.
  • Delivering skills development  in primary health care for general practice.
  • Driving continuous improvement in service delivery.

Key Relationships and Communication

  • Promoting the uniqueness and community value of General Practice.
  • Building community recognition and esteem for GP partners and our members.
  • Creating new and productive relationships through business development.
  • Maintaining and reinforcing existing collaborative relationships with clients.


  • Innovating to positively impact primary health care and the profession of General Practice.
  • Uniquely utilising technology & knowledge.
  • Fostering an Operations Research and Development focus.
  • Continuously scanning the environment for new opportunities.
  • Maintaining capability to create exciting solutions for members.

Financial Stability and Governance

  • Strategic thinking which identifies and responds to emerging trends.
  • Promoting sustainability through appropriate infrastructure and processes responsive to needs.
  • Maintaining an agile governance structure.
  • Achieving a sound financial base to enable investment in key strategic issues.
  • Fostering a culture which is proactive, responsive and innovative with strong leadership.