Membership Categories

The Registered Constitution of GP partners Australia provides for the following categories of member:-

  • Primary: A person who is a member of the Board
  • Associate:  A registered medical practitioner with an interest in General Practice and/or General Practitioners and their continued well-being.
  • Affiliate: Any person, not a registered medical practitioner, who supports the Objects.

The Registered Constitution also specifies the following process for application and approval for general membership by the Board of Directors.

“An application for membership must be made in writing and lodged with the Company Secretary together with any supporting documentation as the Board may from time to time prescribe.

At the earliest practicable meeting of the Board, the Board may, in its absolute discretion, accept or reject an application for membership.  The Board is not required to give any reason for not accepting an application for membership.

When the Board has accepted an application for membership the person becomes a Member.  The Company Secretary will promptly inform the Member.