GP PSC Orientation

GP partners Australia will be offering Orientation Seminars on a regular basis for GPs who like to participate in the GP Palliative Shared Care (GP PSC) Program.

Orientation Seminars are presented by Palliative Medicine Specialists, Consultant Psychiatrists, Palliative Care Nurses, SA Ambulance Service and GP Advisors to the program. Participating GPs will receive a framework, clinical education and practical advice in caring for patients with a progressive, life limiting illness in the community setting (including residential aged care).

The Orientation Seminars are delivered as a 40 point (category 1) QI&CPD Activity that are interactive and based around case studies.
Participation is open to all GPs practicing in the Adelaide metropolitan area. Please visit our Events page for the details of upcoming Orientation Seminars.  

For further information, please phone Ms Chrissy Menzies, GP Palliative Shared Care Lead, on 1300 303 409.